Once you have created your account, follow these steps:

1.   Complete your profile – after you log in, click on “Profile” on the left-hand menu and fill out as much information as possible in each category. This allows us to match you to scholarships perfectly and save you time later by filling this information into any application you start.

2.   Add supporting documents – within the “Profile” page, click on “Documents” and then click the “Upload Document" button. There you can select the document type and upload it from your computer. We recommend that you upload your transcript (unofficial is ok) and FAFSA Student Aid Report as scholarship providers will often ask for these documents. If you upload them now you can then add them to any application you start with one click.

3.   Request recommendation letters – in the “Documents” section you can also click “Request Document”. After that, you simply fill out your recommender’s email address, add a personal note, and click “Send Request”. A lot of scholarships will require rec letters and it may take your recommenders time to write yours. Therefore we recommend requesting them immediately so they don’t hold you up later.

4.   Check your matched scholarships – now that your profile is complete, we will match you with scholarships from our database. To view these, go to “Apply for scholarships” on the left-hand menu and click on “Find scholarships”.

5.   Submit an application – you’ll be able to apply to any of your “Matched Scholarships”. Simply click on “Apply”. This will take you to a page where you can see the additional questions you have to answer. Simply fill out those and click “Submit” and we’ll handle the rest.

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