How scholarship review processes work

Scholarship providers usually only start reviewing applications once the deadline passes. They then usually choose a winner within 3 months of the deadline.

If you’ve won, they’ll contact you by phone or email, and explain to you how you’ll receive your scholarship prize money. Sometimes it will go directly to you (via check or bank deposit), whereas other times it’ll go directly to your college (so you’ll just experience it as a discount on your tuition bill).

If you haven’t heard back from a scholarship provider yet, and it’s been 3+ months since the deadline, then unfortunately that means you probably didn’t win.

Tracking your submissions

You can track/check the statuses of all your submitted applications on your application dashboard, which you can find by going to Menu > Scholarships > View Submitted Applications. It looks like this:

Once on that page, each scholarship you've applied to will be listed, with a banner at the top of the card showing the status. For example, this scholarship below has the status "Deadline not passed." Each status has a hover-over tooltip so you can find out more about what it means.

But here's your cheat sheet summary of all the possible statuses:

  • Deadline not passed: This means you’ve submitted your application, but the scholarship provider hasn’t started reviewing it yet. Usually, providers only review applications once the deadline has passed.

  • Under review: This means the scholarship provider is now reviewing all their applications, including yours. Usually they decide on a winner within 3 months of the scholarship deadline.

  • Provider to reach out: This is a scholarship where the scholarship provider doesn’t use Going Merry software to choose a winner, so unfortunately, we won’t know if or when you’ve won. Usually, providers choose a winner within 3 months of the deadline, and they reach out directly via email or phone to the winners. If you were not selected as a winner, the provider usually won’t tell you anything. So if it’s been 3+ months since the scholarship deadline passed, you probably didn’t get it.

  • Not selected: Sorry, unfortunately you weren’t selected for this scholarship. Remember that the most successful students still get some rejections sometimes, though -- and the most important thing you can do to win scholarship money, is to just keep applying.

  • You won: Woohoo! This means you’ve been selected as the winner of the scholarship. The scholarship provider should be in touch with you about how you’ll get your prize money.

Plus, email notifications

In addition, we will send you an email notification when one of your application statuses is updated. We will also notify your counsellor when you win a scholarship (but we do not inform them about any other outcomes).

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