We can definitely help you. We work with organizations that administer hundreds of scholarships and simplify the process for them and their applicants. We handle the switching and set your scholarships up for you. Thousands of other providers have found the process simple and we've also been able to save them money.

Here's how we help you:

1. We create your scholarship and custom application

You review everything to make sure it’s perfect, but we do the work building your application

2. We reach out to schools and eligible students

We ensure your scholarship is in front of your target students and their high school counselors

3. We collect all documents and ensure each application is complete

Counselors and recommenders can upload materials directly and we handle all customer service

4. You choose the recipients

You and your review committee use our software to review, score, select and inform winners

In addition, you’ll also be helping students avoid unnecessary repetitive work since they can apply to many scholarships from one website. All of their information is securely saved within their student profile to reuse on all of their applications!

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