Unfortunately at this time we do not have a product or separate type of account for Independent Education Consultants (IECs).

We have focused our resources on creating a platform for students and guidance counselors directly affiliated with schools. Guidance counselor accounts can only be provided to counselors working directly for the school since these accounts allow supervision of all students at that school. 

With that said, we highly encourage you to get your students to sign up for Going Merry!

Our scholarship platform still has a ton of room for improvement as we pursue building out a truly wonderful scholarship application experience for students. Our mission is to make it as simple and effective for students to apply and win scholarships. 

Many IECs have reached out to us expressing interest in an IEC portal or account that allows them to have oversight, provide guidance, and help their clients apply to scholarships. We're excited to build out an IEC product in the near future since we know this can only have a positive impact on the process.

If you'd like to be included on a waiting list for a future IEC product, please click on the button below to provide your contact information.

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