What We Do

First, it's important to explain how Going Merry differs from other scholarship websites. We are a one-stop shop for scholarships so students directly apply to all scholarships on our platform. Students are never redirected elsewhere like most other generic scholarship listing websites.

Our goal is to simplify the entire scholarship application process for everyone!

Scholarship Type Definitions

  • Local scholarship - eligibility is limited to a specific school(s), district, city or county
  • State scholarship - eligibility is limited to a specific state
  • National scholarship - eligibility is not limited

I'm a counselor that manages my school's scholarship program and want to learn how to make my life easier.

Use our free software to host your scholarship on Going Merry so that it's easier for students to apply and simpler for you to manage. We've already helped hundreds of schools with their scholarship programs!

I'm a counselor that wants to add a local scholarship to Going Merry.

You probably receive dozens of emails from local scholarship providers asking for you to share their scholarship application with your students. You want to help your students win scholarships, but it's difficult to organize and share all of this information. 

I'm a counselor and know about state and national scholarships for my students. 

There are dozens of incredible larger state and national scholarships out there. You want your students to know about these opportunities, but it's difficult to organize and share all of this information.

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