If you know about a scholarship opportunity and want us to list it, here's what to do:

...if you DO have a relationship with the Scholarship Provider:

If you know the Scholarship Provider and can introduce us to a contact there, please email support@goingmerry.com to let us know.

This way, we might be able to not only list the scholarship opportunity, but also host the application form on our website. This is great for students because they can apply right from Going Merry, and all their profile information gets auto-filled into the application form. It also allows us to send automated reminders to students who have shown interest (by favoriting the scholarship or starting a draft of the application).

For instance, we already have this relationship with Foot Locker, for their Scholar Athletes Program.

...if you DON'T have a relationship with the Scholarship Provider:

  1. First, check that we don't already list the scholarship. To do that, go to your Browse Scholarships page, and then enter the scholarship name or provider name into the search bar. If we have the scholarship already, a dropdown should appear with the scholarship name, like so:

  2. If we don't already list it, then submit the scholarship information here. Note that this form is quite thorough (it requires you to include all the scholarship eligibility information) because unfortunately, our team does not have the capacity to research each scholarship listing request ourselves.

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