There are many national and state level scholarships that help students pay for post-secondary education. These scholarships are quite well known and thus competitive.

We already partner with one of these foundations

We partner with Golden Door Scholars, which has supported 360 exceptional students with full-tuition scholarships to 55 different colleges and universities including Duke University, Emory University, Tufts University, Wake Forest University and others. Click on the image below to see the 2019 Golden Door Scholarship on Going Merry.

And we hope to partner with others in the future

Here are some of the most well known scholarship programs in the country. These scholarships are not listed on Going Merry because they require students to apply directly through their websites. We hope to partner with these foundations in the future. We are well aware of these scholarship programs so there isn't a need to share these with us!

We encourage you to share the below scholarships with your most accomplished students though!

  • National Merit Scholarship
  • Gates Millennium Scholarship
  • Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation
  • Quest Bridge Scholarship
  • Dell Scholars Program
  • Horatio Alger Scholarship
  • Elks National Foundation Scholarship
  • Foot Locker Scholar Athletes

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