If you're looking for more generic information about hosting local scholarship programs on Going Merry, read this first.

Here is the step by step process for creating your local/school scholarship program:

  1. Please fill out this form. This gives us basic information about your scholarship program, including any important dates (e.g. scholarship deadlines) that we will need to be aware of.

  2. A Going Merry representative will then email you a Google Sheet spreadsheet template where you can enter all of the information needed to create your scholarship program. Note that depending on how many schools are on our waitlist/queue, this can take up to 2-6 weeks for us to get to you, but we aim to reach out much sooner!

  3. Going Merry will then build your scholarship program on your predetermined timeline for getting your scholarships live.

  4. Once your scholarship program is built, Going Merry will provide you with a login to access your Provider Portal, which allows you to track application numbers, batch download application PDFs for print (if desired), review and evaluate all submitted applications online, invite additional review committee members, and ultimately choose your winners!

What is a typical scholarship program timeline?

  • Getting Started Interest Form Submission by Counselor - e.g. November 1st

  • Scholarship Program Spreadsheet Submission by Counselor - e.g. January 15th

  • Scholarship Program Build Date by Going Merry - e.g. February 15th

  • Internal Application Review Period by Counselor - e.g. February 15th - February 21st

  • Application Launch Date for Students - e.g. March 1st

  • Application Period for Students - e.g. March 1st - April 15th

  • Application Submission Deadline for Students - e.g. April 15th

  • Review Committee Evaluation Period - e.g. April 15th - April 30th

  • Scholarship Recipient Announcement Date (typically at your school award ceremony) - e.g. May 15th

What are the formats for scholarship programs on Going Merry?

There are two common variations of scholarships programs hosted on Going Merry. 

School Universal Application
A Universal Application is our name for scholarship common apps on our site. A Universal Application is a single application that allows a student to be considered for various scholarships in your program. This is the preferred format for scholarship programs because it means that students only have to submit a single application!

A Universal Application typically has a question in the beginning asking the student which scholarships in your program they are eligible for and would like to be considered for. This allows you to easily organize applications if different review committee will be evaluating applications.

We highly encourage creating a Universal Application for your school's scholarships program!

Separate Scholarship Applications
If the scholarships in your program all request very different questions and essay prompts, plus different review committees will be evaluating applicants, then having separate scholarship applications is likely more suitable.

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