Yes! You can sign up for a special IEC/CBO counselor account here.

These accounts are designed for any pre-college/post-secondary counselors who aren't affiliated with a school, so they can be used by:

  • Community Based Organizations (CBOs) with pre-college advising programs such as Upward Bound

  • Independent Education Consultants that run their own advising businesses

  • Homeschooling teachers/parents

Your IEC/CBO counselor will allow you to do all the things a high school counselor account can do:

  • Access teaching resources, including videos, lesson plans, student worksheets, and shareable articles/handouts

  • Browse through regularly updated (and vetted) scholarship lists

  • Utilize our College Cost Insights tools, which include future debt-income calculators and appeal letter templates

  • Monitor your students' progress through scholarship/FAFSA┬« application forms*

* Just one note: Your students will need to add an "Other program" (your company/organization name) to their profiles, in order for you to be able to track their progress. Here are instructions on how to do that.

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