STEP 1: If you haven't created a Going Merry account yet, go to to sign up!

Please use your personal email address to ensure you receive all scholarships decisions, even after you graduate.

Follow the instructions to answer the onboarding questions to get your account set up. You'll be asked some basic questions about which school you attend, where you live, and what grade level you're in.

If you already have a Going Merry account, go to to sign back in.

STEP 2: Once you're logged in, click on 'Profile' on the left-side menu and complete it as best you can. This information will be used to match you to eligible scholarships and will also be auto-filled into any scholarship applications that you start.

STEP 3: Then, click on 'Find scholarships' on the left-side menu to view all of the scholarships you're eligible for.

STEP 4: Then, click on the 'LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS' filter in the left hand menu to only view your local scholarships!

STEP 5: If your school has added your local scholarships to Going Merry, you'll now see all of them! Example below:

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