Providers have many options and features for viewing and evaluating their applications.

Viewing an application

After clicking the Evaluate button on the right hand side of an applicant, a pop up window for the applicant will appear with 4 main review tabs at the top:

  • Eligibility - shows if the student meets the criteria for the application

  • Applicant Profile - shows details from the applicant's profile

  • Application Questions - shows the applicant's answers to the application questions

  • Documents - lists documents that the applicant attached to their application

Quick Evaluation

Quick Evaluation allows reviewers to select Yes, No, or Maybe for each applicant in order to quickly screen or shortlist applications.

Filtering Applicants

Providers can filter applicants based off of their Quick Evaluation by selecting a filter at the top of the Evaluate page.

Full Evaluation

Full Evaluation allows reviewers to assign scores to the custom criteria that they create in order to evaluate applicants.

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