Self-Service Changes: Deadline, Award Amount, # Recipients

You can make three kinds of common changes on your own:

  • Update the deadline (for example, to push it back)

  • Update the award amount (for example, because you got additional funding)

  • Update the number of recipients/winners

To do this, go to Menu > Evaluate.

Click the "Actions" dropdown on the far right for whichever scholarship you'd like to edit.

Then on that page you will be able to hover over the deadline or award information to edit it.

Changes to Names or Descriptions

If you'd like to make other changes like:

  • Scholarship name

  • Scholarship description

  • Provider name

  • Provider description

Note that, in general, as a policy rule, we do not permit edits. This is because we are a free service, and if we allowed edits all the time, we wouldn't be able to continue to offer this service for free. If there is an urgent change to these, please contact your account manager or for help.

Changes to Eligibility Requirements or Application Form Questions

Once your scholarship is "live" and has begun receiving applications, we absolutely cannot make any changes to:

  • Eligibility requirements - Otherwise, this may disqualify people who already have applied, which our system does not allow.

  • Application form questions - Again, this is because students have already applied to your original set of questions

Therefore, we encourage you to particularly double-check your Eligibility Requirements and Application Questions before setting the scholarship live.

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