You will receive email notifications from Going Merry updating you on the status of your scholarship before its deadline, on its deadline, and during the evaluation period after its deadline.

Before your scholarship's deadline

You will receive notifications containing information on the number of drafted and submitted applications, as well as helpful links to your scholarship on the dates below:

  • Deadline is 2 months away

  • Deadline is 1 month away

  • Deadline is 2 weeks away

  • Deadline is 1 week away

On your scholarship's deadline

On the day of your scholarship's deadline, you will receive a notification with information on the number of applications you received and how to evaluate those applications.

After your scholarship's deadline

If you haven't chosen any winners yet, you will receive notifications containing instructions on how to evaluate applications on the dates below:

  • Deadline was 2 weeks ago

  • Deadline was 1 month ago

  • Deadline was 2 months ago

  • Deadline was 3 months ago

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