If you'd like to add that you completed the FAFSA® this year to your Going Merry profile, but you didn't use Going Merry's FAFSA® Made Easier Tool, not to worry! Our self-reporting process is super simple.

  1. Sign in to Going Merry.

  2. Go to your Profile > Education.

  3. Navigate to the FAFSA® section, and hit the Edit icon to self-report.

  4. Select "Yes" and then enter your FAFSA® EFC (Expected Family Contribution). Your EFC is required to use the self-reporting tool.

  5. Hit "Save". You're done!

What if I didn't complete the FAFSA® because I have a waiver?

If you'd like to report that you have a waiver, follow the steps above, but select "No" under "Completed FAFSA?®" You'll then be able to select "Yes, I have a waiver" as shown here:

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