Going Merry has a wide variety of free tools and resources available to you.

By creating a counselor account, you can:

  • Monitor student activity - See how many scholarships your students have been matched with and how many applications they have started and submitted.

  • Provide FAFSA® Support - Students can complete their FAFSA® using Going Merry’s FAFSA® Made Easier tool, or self-report to you that they have completed their FAFSA® on the government site.

  • Upload supporting documents - Easily upload transcripts and recommendation letters that stay confidential (students can't see them), but that students can attach to as many scholarship applications as they please.

  • Get access to helpful resources - Within your Counselor Portal "Resources" page, you'll find lesson plans, student worksheets, printable PDF handouts/posters, email templates, and blog articles that cover a range of issues. Have a topic in mind that we haven't covered? Let us know at support@goingmerry.com, and our Counselor Content Team will consider putting together an additional resource just for you.

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