The best scholarships are local scholarships administered directly through your school specifically for your students (e.g. ABC High School PTSA Scholarship, ABC High School Athletic Booster Club Scholarship, etc) because these scholarships are guaranteed to go to your students to help in paying for their college education!

Please carefully read all of the information below to learn how to host your scholarship program on Going Merry.

Does this cost our school or students anything?

No, this service is completely free if you are the administrator of the scholarship program. This is possible because we charge a small fee to larger scholarship providers who use our software to create and manage their scholarships online.

What does a scholarship program look like to students?

Students have a separate "Local Scholarships" section (see image below) within their student portal that will contain your scholarship program. They can view details at a quick glance, favorite certain scholarships, and begin applying directly!

All scholarships have their own landing page (see image below) that explains:

  • Scholarship description
  • Scholarship provider description
  • Scholarship amount and number of recipients
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Application deadline
  • Estimated completion time

Students' applications (see image below) are autofilled with information from their profile so they never have to reenter any information! They can also attach any supporting documents that they have stored within their student profile. If your scholarship program contains multiple applications, this makes it easy for a student to quickly apply only to the scholarships they're eligible for.

Students can request recommendation letters directly from within an application. Once a recommendation letter is received, it can be confidentially reused for other scholarship applications. Note that students can NEVER view the contents of a recommendation letter.

Is my scholarship program eligible for being hosted on Going Merry?

Here are the basic requirements for hosting your scholarship program on Going Merry!

  • You are the administrator of your scholarship program. This means you are responsible for distributing and collecting the applications from students. 
  • Only the students within your school or district are eligible for the scholarships in your scholarship program.

I meet these requirements, how do I get started?!

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