If you have local scholarships that you are not involved in administering:

  1. First, check that the scholarship isn't already on our platform.

  2. When a student hits the "Apply" button, we need to send them to an external website, or have the button open up an uploaded application form (that students can then download, fill out, and email/postal mail to the provider). So make sure you have either a scholarship website link to direct students to, or a copy of the scholarship application form (as a PDF/DOC) that you can upload.

  3. Now you're ready! You can add those to Going Merry directly by filling out this form. Note that a link to this form is also available in your counselor portal, under Menu > Scholarships > List an external scholarship.

    • We will then review it to make sure that all of the information is complete. If everything looks good, we’ll add it to our platform and send you an email notification.

If you are the administrator for your local scholarship program:

If you are the administrator for your school’s scholarship program, the process is a little different - Read this help article instead, to learn how to host your scholarship program on Going Merry!

After these scholarships are added to Going Merry, how do my students see and apply to these scholarships?

Your students can see all of these local scholarships within the "Local Scholarships" section in their student portal.

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