When applying to scholarships on Going Merry, you may come across a scholarship page that has a gray INELIGIBLE TO APPLY button where you're normally able to start your application.

If after looking at the eligibility requirements you find that you are eligible to apply, read on for steps to get you started on your application!

Make sure your profile is completely and accurately filled out.

  • Going Merry shows you the scholarships that you’re eligible for based on the information that you add to your profile. The more complete your profile is, the more scholarship matches you’ll have! If you’re being told you’re ineligible to apply, it’s likely that your Going Merry profile is missing that information.

  • You can check out this support article to find out how to update and edit your profile.

If your profile is completely filled out and you are still ineligible to apply for scholarships, there are a few more things you can do.

  • Double-check the eligibility requirements listed at the bottom of the scholarship.

    • Here you will be able to see exactly why you are not eligible by looking at the far right column with the header 'Are you Eligible?' (You can learn more about the eligibility statuses in this support article.)

  • If you are being shown that you do not meet one of the requirements for the scholarship, and you know that you do, you can change the information in your profile to match the requirement. Hover over the requirement you need to update and click the “Edit” link.

  • This will populate a small bubble where you can update your information and click save. (Please note, sometimes you may need to refresh the page in order for the information to save.)

  • Be sure to check all of the eligibility criteria and make it as up-to-date as possible!

  • Once everything under the "Are You Eligible?" section shows as "Yes", you should be able to apply for the scholarship.

  • Make sure you are viewing our site using the most updated version of your web browser or The Going Merry App.

    • You can find instructions here on how to update your web browser. It also never hurts to clear your cache and cookies while you are at it.

    • Once you have updated your browser or app, you'll need to log out and back in to see if you are now eligible for scholarships.

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