Haven't received a verification email? We can help with that!

Look in your junk/spam folder. Sometimes emails can get sent to those folders by accident. Please note that since you haven't verified your account, your account will not be created yet, and if action isn't taken, the account will not be activated.

If you've found the link in your junk/spam folder:

Please click “Not spam” at the top of your screen. This will move the email to your inbox so you can confirm your account.

If you're unable to find the link in your junk/spam folder:

Please reach out to support@goingmerry.com for assistance!

Once verified, you'll then be able to:

  1. Invite your students

  2. View your students' FAFSA® progress and scholarship application activity

  3. Check out our easier FAFSA® form and browse available scholarships

  4. Access email templates, lesson plans, guides, handouts, and much more in the resources tab

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